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Hunger Games-amania!

First of all, I know I suck for being absent again for so long. It’s a busy life I lead, people! Blogging is fun, but it also gets tiring, so please excuse my downgrade to one post a week-ish.

Secondly, so angry that Angel Taylor got the boot on “The Voice”! That Katrina girl was good, but she’s no Angel. Whatever, Adam Levine. Whatever.

However, my mind is too consumed right now to be too mad because “The Hunger Games” movie FINALLY comes out tomorrow night! Yes, I’m going to see it at midnight (12:02 to be exact). Got my tickets weeks ago. Nerd status, for sure. And couldn’t be happier about it!!

Since I won’t have time to post tomorrow with an event we have going on at work, I wanted to combine “New Music Thursday” with my excitement for the movie.

I don’t normally listen to soundtracks for movies unless they’re considered epic status, but I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a really long time, so I thought I’d check out The Hunger Games tunes on Spotify. Even though I’m kind of over Taylor Swift’s music (still adore her as a person), I really enjoyed her track with The Civil Wars. The soundtrack also includes other artists I like, including Maroon 5, The Decemberists and Arcade Fire.

Then, in the middle of the soundtrack, there’s Kid Cudi. I love Kid C, don’t get me wrong, but what is he doing there? It doesn’t really make sense to me, it’s not a very good song, and it doesn’t have his usual style. Just not digging it at all.

Don’t take my word for it, though! You can listen to the entire soundtrack on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.

For the most part, it’s really good and what I expected. Kind of a folk, slow overall tone, which, if you read the books, totally makes sense since Katniss is from what used to be Appalachia. It flows really well, and overall, does a really great job of adding to the storyline.

New Music Thursday: Bon Iver

I had heard of Bon Iver prior to their win for Best New Artist at the Grammys, but hadn’t really taken the time to listen to their tunes until this week.

Even though they classify themselves as folk, it’s VERY different from the “folk” I’m into (i.e., The Avett Brothers). I’m not 100% I love it, but it’s growing on me. What do you think? Did they deserve the Grammy? I’m just glad it wasn’t Nicki Minaj after her crazy/terrifying performance or Lady Gaga with her bad sportsmanship!

(Semi) New Music Thursday: Angel Taylor

Okay, so first of all, I want to plug a new great blog I stumbled upon from Pinterest called Pretty, Preppy, Southern – 3 words that always catch my attention 🙂 For all you Keeneland-goers and J-Crew junkies, it’s a must-have on your fashion inspiration list. Unfortunately, there is no contact information or anything about the author, so I can’t get in touch with her to tell her how great it is.  But still, check it out here!

So, the artist of this week is not new to me, but is new to pretty much everyone else. Angel Taylor, a pop artist from LA, had a hit that was even played (sort of) regularly on the radio and VH1 called “Like You Do”. I was OBSESSED with this song my senior year of college, just ask my friend Bailey 🙂 She has toured with Gavin Degraw, another favorite o’ mine, and Adele. Who doesn’t love Adele?

But now, in an effort to boost her career, she is competing on the hit show “The Voice”. I don’t know how I missed this episode, especially because I love the show – oh yes, actually I do know. I was watching “The Bachelor”. Damn it, Ben. Oh well, it was probably a good thing because I would have alarmed the neighbors with  my incessant screaming/singing.

Anyway, I think it’s super cool that “The Voice” gives a chance to those who have been in the biz for a while, and needless to say, Angel is now my favorite Voice contestant. Check out “Like I Do” and her performance of Adele’s “Someone Like You” on “The Voice”. Oh yeah, and she picked Adam as her coach. Coincidence? I think not.

GO GIRL! I will be voting!

New Music Thursday: Gotye

Honestly, I don’t really feel like VH1 is good for much, other than Flavor of Love (kidding, never seen that show) and Pop Up Video (truth). However, I have become quite a fan of their You Oughta Know section. I found last week’s Dawes there and this week, they deliver another amazing new artist.

An Australian singer/songwriter, Gotye describes himself as someone who made music in his bedroom “using a mattress and a 386” on his very witty autobiographical page. VH1 describes him as someone who doesn’t compose music, but sounds instead.

I really don’t know what any of this means. All I know is this song is G-O-O-D good. Check it.

New Music Thursday: Dawes and MUTEMATH

So sorry I forgot about New Music Thursday last week! To make up for it, here are TWO new artists/groups that I’m in love with. Very different from one another, but both spectacular.

Dawes has kind of a vintagey, laid back sound, while MUTEMATH, a band that’s actually been around since 2003, is more alternative and are definitely influenced by their New Orleans roots.


New Music Thursday: Grouplove

Yes, I am an Apple groupie. I admit it. I got my first Apple product my senior year of high school (iPod Nano, black and white, but SO cool) and have never looked back. I am THAT person who will argue with a PC lover for days. And it’s not just because Apple products are trendy, but because they’re better. Period. My iPhone, MacBook, and (newer) iPod speak for themselves, I think.

Remember this? My first generation Nano.

I just totally outed how nerdy I am. Oh well, now you know the truth.

Anyway, besides my obsession with the quality of Apple products, I do admit I love how stylish their branding is. Enter: the famous Apple commercials with the catchy song that gets stuck in your head for days. I mean, they’ve used the Beatles, Matt & Kim, Coldplay, Spoon, John Mayer, Jack Johnson – the list of greats goes on and on.

Here is my prediction for the next great artist featured in an Apple commercial: Grouplove. Grouplove describes themselves as an indie rock band that formed in 2009. I think they kind of fuse Foster the People with Taking Back Sunday. Mindblowing, I know.

P.S. Sorry for the long intro. I just get passionate about my brand crush.

New Music Thursday: Fun.

Sorry about the week-long hiatus. New Year’s Eve and getting back to my workout routine have taken a lot out of me! I promise to write some cliche post about New Year’s resolutions in the days to come. Or maybe not.

Anyhoo, this Thursday’s pick comes from a band I recently discovered called Fun. (The period is included in their branding, just FYI) The cast of “Glee” performed their song “We Are Young” a few weeks ago, which you may have heard on MTV by now when they decide to actually play music. I loved the song so much that I added their entire album to my Spotify playlist. It’s amazing.

Below is Glee’s version of “We Are Young” and another Fun. song, “All The Pretty Girls”. New favorite band? I don’t know if I can commit to that, but they’re definitely in my top 5!

New Music Thursday

Real Estate – “Easy”

New Music Thursday

In the spirit of…well, nothing really, I am going to start a new tradition – New Music Thursdays. As much as I am obsessed with finding good music, New Music Thursdays will allow me to feel like I’m sharing something wonderful with my readers, even if you all don’t love my choices as much as I do 🙂

I love a good, yet original musical collaboration as much as any fellow music lover. From Aerosmith and Run DMC to Kanye West and John Mayer, an amazing, but seemingly strange collab can really be “musical genius”.

In this week’s pick, two pop superstars come together. While they are both so relevant in 2011, it’s one of those connections you just wouldn’t put together; that is, unless you’re Chris Martin and you just “hear” someone else singing your song with you.

Here it is – Coldplay ft. Rihanna, “Princess of China”.  It’s been out on the radio for just a couple weeks now so I didn’t have to do much digging for this one, but I can honestly say I’m in love. Coldplay is one of my all time faves, and Rihanna on this track is just so amazing. Enjoy 🙂

Do You Love Me?

It’s a Guster kind of day.