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Add a little GREEN to your wardrobe

I learned to love St. Patrick’s Day in college. I mean, really, who didn’t? I remember my first St. Patrick’s Day when I was of legal age in the Bahamas. Luckily, Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day usually coincide in The Bluegrass State. What better way to celebrate??

Anyway, since then, I have realized that a great outfit for St. Patrick’s Day is equally important to all other holidays here in Kentucky – Derby, first Keeneland race, Christmas parties, UK football games. I mean, there will more than likely be photos taken, right? Last  year, I rocked a black and green dress. While it was super cute, it felt a little too dressy for the bar I went to. So, this year, I promised I would find a look that was appropriate for the holiday, stylish, yet simultaneously appropriate for wherever I end up – and share it with all of you, of course! Enter this gem of a video below.

Colored skinny jeans are so IN this spring, so I thought, what a better way to wear my green? When I searched for green skinny jeans, this fashionista, whose channel is called OOTD (outfit of the day) led me to a pot of gold; that is, the white shirt, green skinny jeans, leopard print combo that I NEED for Saturday. I love her hair, too!

I’ve ordered my skinny jeans, got my white blouse, and now all I need are some bold accessories and cute heels. What are you planning on wearing? If you still aren’t sure, here are some dos and donts so that you have the luck of the Irish while spotting your outfit 🙂


1. DO wear green. I know girls who are “too cool” to participate. News flash: you look silly in a bright pink dress if you’re out on St. Patrick’s Day.

2. DO wear comfortable, yet stylish shoes. If you want to wear those new stilletos, have a back up pair of ballet flats. Who knows when you will get the urge to start dancing?

3. DO find the perfect clutch for your outfit. You don’t want to be messing with a big purse all night!

4. DO dress appropriately the place you’re going. If you are hitting a trendy club, sure, you can get all dolled up. If you’re going to a pub, something like the outfit I’ve posted above will be perfect.

5. DO drink green beer, even if you don’t like beer. Just once!


1. DON’T overdo the green. Wearing green pants, shirt, shoes, nail polish, a button, beads, and a hat? You’re doing too much. It should be effortlessly added into your wardrobe.

2. DON’T wear any tacky t-shirts with sayings like “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”. Please.

3. DON’T rock overly green eyeshadow, either. Green is one thing – neon is another.

4. DON’T draw shamrocks on yourself at any point during the night. Yes, I’ve seen it happen.

5. DON’T get so wasted that you forget where you are. Just not a pretty look on anyone.

Most importantly, DO have fun and be safe!

Warm Weather Beauty Q&A

Well, I guess I should apologize for a) my last post being on February 22nd and b) the fact that I didn’t even post New Music Thursdays the past couple of weeks. Shame on me! Truthfully, it’s been a very eventful 2 weeks with a promotion for me (yay!) and a full scholarship for my boyfriend to go to grad school (double yay!). That doesn’t leave a lot of time for blog writing.

Thankfully, we all survived the tornadoes in Kentucky last Friday and the random snow storm on Monday. Now it’s Wednesday with a high of 70. As we Kentuckians say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes!”

Not only do I ADORE today’s forecast, but it gets me pumped for the upcoming spring/summer season. I’ve noticed a lot of questions on beauty and fashion forums lately, and thought I would address some of them. Bear with me – these are kind of random, but all equally important!

Q: When should I put away those winter boots?

A: It really depends on the kind of boots! Are they Uggs? They should have been put away a long time ago 🙂 Otherwise, if they are leather boots, you can really keep wearing them into the Spring months with skirts or dresses. I have two pair of leather boots that I wear constantly with skinny jeans, which I will probably stop doing some time this month. I will continue to wear my boots, especially the ones that are semi-cowboy looking. A dress with cowboy boots is a super popular combination in the summer months. So, the short answer is, whenever you feel comfortable!

Q: I hate going to the pool, lake or beach with tons of makeup on. Is there a solution for this?

A: Of course! I hate that too. The trick is to find a great tinted moisturizer. Laura Mercier makes one that is supposed to be the best on the market. It’s a little pricey though, so if this is out of your budget, try Jane’s tinted moisturizer. It works really well! It will even out your skin, but it feels just like lotion. The VERY important part is finding one that has SPF in it. Make sure you still use primer first! You don’t want it to come off while you’re lounging in the water. Also, if you want something on your lips with staying power, try a lip stain. I got one the CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain at a drugstore on a whim, and it actually works really well! Anything else you use, i.e. mascara or eye liner, just make sure it’s of the waterproof variety.

Q: The most unattractive look in the warm weather is when I’m pouring with sweat. Any tips for hot summer nights?

A: Just don’t go out?? HAHA, you all know I can’t be serious. If you’re going to be outside all night, a few things you will need to remember. Number one, this is your excuse to wear as little clothing as possible. I don’t condone skankiness, but a short, strapless dress or shorts and a tank are really your best bet! Secondly, even if you’re just bringing your clutch/wristlet with you, definitely pack your handy tinted moisturizer, powder, eyeliner and mascara for touch ups. You should also invest in some of those oil blotting sheets! They work for sweat, too. Don’t forget the mini deoderant! Lastly, wear your hair UP! I know, sounds crazy as most women in their 20s prefer letting their locks flow freely, but there are some super cute updos on Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to try them out!

Other questions? Let me know!

Grown Up Glitter

When I think about the Holidays, especially New Year’s Eve, I think of glitter, sequins, and all things that sparkle – even snow gives off a beautiful, white glistening tint. But we all know glitter has a negative connotation. I remember putting sparkles all over my face as a 13 year old. Claire’s seemed to be full of too-shimmering items for tweens and teens. And now, vampires even come to mind. What has the world come to?

Trust me, though – sparkles can be applied in ways that they are 20-something appropriate. So here are some ways –  according to Birchbox and to me- to dazzle in all the right ways!


One of the easiest places to wear shiny makeup is on your lips. Even minimalists can pull off a slightly shimmering gloss. Our best tip is to look for something with a subtle sparkle, rather than full on glitter. Plus, amping up your shine will make your lips look fuller and more noticeable.

Our pick: Jouer Moisturizing Gloss in Rose Glisten.  It’s not the least bit sticky, the color is universally flattering, and it has itsy bitsy flecks of real gold that catch the light.

My pick: Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer in Wild Rose. I love Chanel lip gloss because it stays on forever. Wild Rose is a great shade for different skin tones, and it’s the perfect amount of shimmer!


We adore matte shadows, but when you really want to draw attention to your peepers, wear a metallic. A shimmery color will make your eyes look bigger and wide-awake. If you’re timid, opt for a neutral shade that packs some shine.

Our pick: stila Eyeshadow in Sparkle. The golden bronze color is understated yet still gorgeous and eye-catching.

My pick:Too Faced Eye Shadow Collection in Natural Eye. Thanks to my friend Chelsea (shout out!), I’m obsessed with these Too Faced palettes. They are a high-sparkle intensity, but they give you suggestions for how to wear them during the day, too. Chelsea and I love these eye shadows for going out!


Using a body cream with shimmer is a fantastic way to make your skin look luminous and healthy.  The key is to steer clear of products that contain sizeable pieces of glitter and opt for ones that will give you more of a subtle radiance.

Our pick: LaRocca Champagne and Shimmer Supreme Crème. We adore this super-hydrating formula because it has teeny flecks of 24-karat colloidal gold that literally make skin glow.

My pick: Benefit Cosmetics High Beam. I really don’t prefer sparkles on my legs or arms, so this complexion enhancer is perfect to give just my face and decolletage a glow.


Our pick: Zoya’s Rina, Kissy, and Twila. Each is a bright jewel-toned glaze that’s littered with fun confetti-like glitter. Pair them with their corresponding metallic colors from the Gems & Jewels collection for dazzling fingers and toes.

My pick: OPI in Baby It’s Coal Outside. I haven’t bought it (yet!), but I love the way it looked on Pinterest. It could match any outfit, and it combines shimmer with the matte trend that’s so hot right now.

Fall for your Nails

If you’re at all like me, you get bored with things quickly, especially your nail color. While I just splurged on OPI Barefoot in Barcelona (love!), I came across this idea that I had to share.

These colors are absolutely perfect for fall, and while I’m not all about painting each nail a different color, this is definitely the perfect, most sophisticated way to do it so that it doesn’t look like you’re in middle school. I’d give you a tutorial, but I think it’s pretty straightforward: simply purchase 5 shades of polish (in the same color family, of course) and paint each nail a different color. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your colors!

Not a big fan of each nail being it's own ombre, but maybe if it were a different color combo!

This style, ombre, was a very popular choice for celebrity hair colors last summer. Ombre, meaning going from dark to light, has certainly become a trend in fashion as well. Now, I guess there’s nothing that can’t be ombre-d … which is a good thing for us!

Pretty sure Rachel Bilson invented the ombre trend

Be gone, dry skin!

Alright, girls (and guys, too, I guess), we all know the cold weather is inevitable at this point, which also means that dry skin is also on its way. Fortunately for us, there are several products that aid with this extreme predicament.

Exfoliators are great because they get rid of your extra dead skin cells, leaving your skin totally soft. The only problem is that since many exfoliators contain little beads, they can often be too rough on skin leaving it red and itchy. I’ve also found many exfoliators smell absolutely terrible. And trust me, I’ve been through my fair share of them.

Lucky for all of us, I’ve found the solution to our problems! Aveeno is known for its gentle cleansers and lotions. In fact, many of their products are made for sensitive skin. Thankfully, they were keeping that in mind when they created the Positively Nourishing Body Wash. It says it contains rice beads and walnut shells, so I liked the fact that it seemed pretty natural. The bits of rice and walnut in the body wash are small enough to exfoliate, but not so gritty that they leave skin itchy. In fact, my skin was SO much smoother and softer than when I originally stepped into the shower. I guess that’s where Aveeno’s expertise in catering to sensitive skin comes into play. And the best part is that the body wash is scented with pomegranate, so how can you go wrong? It smells amazing.

Oh, and did I mention that it costs just around $6?  “Get out of town, Toni!” I know, right?

I still used a bit of Dove bar soap afterward to make sure skin was left as silky as I wanted it to be, although I’m sure I could have skipped it, and just like any other shower, I moisturized right away. Still, I think the Positively Nourishing Body Wash speaks for itself, especially when I tell you that a day later, my skin feels just like a baby’s…cheek 🙂