Hunger Games-amania!

First of all, I know I suck for being absent again for so long. It’s a busy life I lead, people! Blogging is fun, but it also gets tiring, so please excuse my downgrade to one post a week-ish.

Secondly, so angry that Angel Taylor got the boot on “The Voice”! That Katrina girl was good, but she’s no Angel. Whatever, Adam Levine. Whatever.

However, my mind is too consumed right now to be too mad because “The Hunger Games” movie FINALLY comes out tomorrow night! Yes, I’m going to see it at midnight (12:02 to be exact). Got my tickets weeks ago. Nerd status, for sure. And couldn’t be happier about it!!

Since I won’t have time to post tomorrow with an event we have going on at work, I wanted to combine “New Music Thursday” with my excitement for the movie.

I don’t normally listen to soundtracks for movies unless they’re considered epic status, but I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a really long time, so I thought I’d check out The Hunger Games tunes on Spotify. Even though I’m kind of over Taylor Swift’s music (still adore her as a person), I really enjoyed her track with The Civil Wars. The soundtrack also includes other artists I like, including Maroon 5, The Decemberists and Arcade Fire.

Then, in the middle of the soundtrack, there’s Kid Cudi. I love Kid C, don’t get me wrong, but what is he doing there? It doesn’t really make sense to me, it’s not a very good song, and it doesn’t have his usual style. Just not digging it at all.

Don’t take my word for it, though! You can listen to the entire soundtrack on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.

For the most part, it’s really good and what I expected. Kind of a folk, slow overall tone, which, if you read the books, totally makes sense since Katniss is from what used to be Appalachia. It flows really well, and overall, does a really great job of adding to the storyline.

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