Add a little GREEN to your wardrobe

I learned to love St. Patrick’s Day in college. I mean, really, who didn’t? I remember my first St. Patrick’s Day when I was of legal age in the Bahamas. Luckily, Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day usually coincide in The Bluegrass State. What better way to celebrate??

Anyway, since then, I have realized that a great outfit for St. Patrick’s Day is equally important to all other holidays here in Kentucky – Derby, first Keeneland race, Christmas parties, UK football games. I mean, there will more than likely be photos taken, right? Last  year, I rocked a black and green dress. While it was super cute, it felt a little too dressy for the bar I went to. So, this year, I promised I would find a look that was appropriate for the holiday, stylish, yet simultaneously appropriate for wherever I end up – and share it with all of you, of course! Enter this gem of a video below.

Colored skinny jeans are so IN this spring, so I thought, what a better way to wear my green? When I searched for green skinny jeans, this fashionista, whose channel is called OOTD (outfit of the day) led me to a pot of gold; that is, the white shirt, green skinny jeans, leopard print combo that I NEED for Saturday. I love her hair, too!

I’ve ordered my skinny jeans, got my white blouse, and now all I need are some bold accessories and cute heels. What are you planning on wearing? If you still aren’t sure, here are some dos and donts so that you have the luck of the Irish while spotting your outfit 🙂


1. DO wear green. I know girls who are “too cool” to participate. News flash: you look silly in a bright pink dress if you’re out on St. Patrick’s Day.

2. DO wear comfortable, yet stylish shoes. If you want to wear those new stilletos, have a back up pair of ballet flats. Who knows when you will get the urge to start dancing?

3. DO find the perfect clutch for your outfit. You don’t want to be messing with a big purse all night!

4. DO dress appropriately the place you’re going. If you are hitting a trendy club, sure, you can get all dolled up. If you’re going to a pub, something like the outfit I’ve posted above will be perfect.

5. DO drink green beer, even if you don’t like beer. Just once!


1. DON’T overdo the green. Wearing green pants, shirt, shoes, nail polish, a button, beads, and a hat? You’re doing too much. It should be effortlessly added into your wardrobe.

2. DON’T wear any tacky t-shirts with sayings like “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”. Please.

3. DON’T rock overly green eyeshadow, either. Green is one thing – neon is another.

4. DON’T draw shamrocks on yourself at any point during the night. Yes, I’ve seen it happen.

5. DON’T get so wasted that you forget where you are. Just not a pretty look on anyone.

Most importantly, DO have fun and be safe!

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