New York Fashion Week

I’ve been debating sharing with you all a recap of New York Fashion Week. On one hand, I mean, it is Fashion Week. On the other hand, I really don’t even want to think about the trends for Fall 2012 yet. At least not until I’ve had my summer fun.

Alas, here I am writing, mostly because unlike the forecasting for Spring 2012, there aren’t many huge revelations for this coming fall’s runway trends.

Disclaimer: Please don’t try to rock all these looks on the streets of Kentucky. You will look weird.

Florals, peter pan collars, metallics, and white after labor day continue to be popular trends for fall 2012, not changing much from what was seen on last year’s runway.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

There are some emerging trends this year, however, including shades of dark maroon and burgundy. Apparently, the world is saying for fall 2012 that “burgundy is the new black”.

Ralph Lauren

Enormous belts also adorned the runway last week. Check out the edgy, semi-Western looks below.

Herve Leger


Okay, so, can we talk about Spring/Summer now? A streetwear post to come!

Source: The Epoch Times

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