5 Reasons “The Bachelor” Ben’s Love Won’t Last

Alright, so, we’re 2 weeks into this season of “The Bachelor”, and I can already tell you that Ben Flajnik’s final rose will go to the wrong girl. Why is that? I mean, sure, the show’s track record is unbelievably bad, but even despite that, Ben doesn’t have what it takes to pick the right one. Here’s why:

  1. He already likes the drama queen: Courtney is this season’s Michelle, Wes, Bentley etc, – the one we love to hate. On last night’s episode, he mentioned the fact that Courtney is the whole package. Why can’t he see past her facade? Well, because just like with any other season of this show, Courtney is only nuts around the other girls. She’s an actress (or “model” as the show tells us).

    Courtney, acting crazy.

  2. He gave the group date rose to the hottest girl: In my opinion, Blakely is gorgeous, but she’s a slightly tamer version of Courtney – not as bitchy, but certainly the type of girl that other girls hate: aggressive, forward, and mostly, just really annoying. It was clear that Jennifer should have gotten that rose, and while she is beautiful as well, she’s no vixen like Blakely. Bad move, Ben. Bad move.

    Psycho Blakely and Ben

  3. He gives people too many chances: Jenna, who was emotionally unstable in the first episode, was even more so last night. He should not have kept her around, especially considering the first night is supposed to be fun and lighthearted. Crying in a corner is no way to impress a guy in my opinion. Sorry, Jenna, but your time should have been up a week ago.

    Poor Jenna

  4. He’s a hopeless romantic: I really do like Ben. I think he’s a genuine guy, which I can’t say about many of the recent Bachelors. However, I think he has a tendency to get swept off his feet by the experiences rather than the people he is sharing them with. I don’t really believe he was in love with Ashley, but more in love with the idea of her in these exotic places, which is one of the many reasons these relationships don’t work! They should be put in more real-life situations, not in Tahiti or Bali or wherever. Anyone can fall in love in Tahiti – anyone.

    Ben and Ashley in, where? Oh yeah, FIJI!

  5. The producers have gone off the deep end: While I love a bit of TV drama, I am SO unbelievably over these “jaw-dropping” moments the show’s producers set up. Case in point, next week, it was revealed that someone (I won’t reveal who in case you all are eagerly waiting), not an original contestant, shows up wanting a chance with Ben. Naturally, the other women freak out, and she is more than likely sent right back home. Still, it’s annoying when they meddle in peoples’ lives or purposefully upset the contestants, and I honestly think it only harms the chances of the relationship working out in the end. And really, I have no idea how much of the show is real to begin with, but I know it’s not much, at least since the whole Jason – Molly season.

    Jason "I picked the wrong girl" Mesnick and Molly, now his wife.

Let’s just hope that, as much as I love “The Bachelor”, it comes to a close soon.  I’m emotionally exhausted.

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