I don’t know what I’m doing.

Alright, so, let’s be honest – I haven’t posted since March 24. I didn’t really realize how little time I’d have.

That said, I don’t want to keep stressing out about this blog. It’s supposed to be fun, right?! I think for now I will take a break. In the meantime, please check out my Tumblr. It’s much easier to update and includes a lot less words, which is good for me. I have a feeling that will take the place of this blog in the near future, anyway. I will not be deleting this one until everyone bookmarks my Tumblr 🙂 Ready, set, go!






Win Your Bracket and Look Good Doing It

First of all, this is not the subject of this post, but The Hunger Games movie was sooo good. Besides the expected fact that they had to cut it down into a 2 hour theatrical performance, it was seriously really great. They captured every image while reading the books so perfectly, and the young actors and actresses were top notch. I especially enjoyed the fact that when a Twilight preview came on before the movie, the hardcore Hunger Games fans laughed. Yep, I definitely was were I belonged 🙂

So, I have a fashion dilemma, and as usual, decided to research the subject on the Internet, but came up short (no pun intended for those of you who know me). The issue is my team is still in the NCAA Tournament (GO CATS!), but what do you wear when you’re going to a restaurant or bar to cheer on your team?

As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, I’m not really a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. Tailgating during football season is a bit easier – it’s the South, so many girls are dressed in super cute skirts, dresses, etc and they don’t look out of place; until November, that is. Even then, you sport that blue and white with a classy shirt, cute scarf, peacoat, etc. No t-shirts here.

But basketball season is a different animal. Hanging out in a low-key bar is a little different than hanging out at Commonwealth Stadium. Plus, we’re grown ups now. So, what is a post-grad to do? As usual, I’m here to answer that.

  • Option 1: vintage tee, cardigan, cropped pants, ballet flats: This is a casual approach, but will not leave you feeling frumpy in the slightest. Accessorize with some pearls and oversized handbag.
  • Option 2: V-neck (in school colors), jeans, lightweight scarf, blazer depending on weather, and Sperrys or boots: Again, this is really casual, but the scarf adds a bit of class.
  • Option 3: Button down shirt (in school colors), jeans or shorts, Sperrys, boots or ballet flats: I love this option because in really any situation, it works!
  • Option 4: Casual dress; or skirt with white tee: A really casual dress may work if you’re going to be outside or to a fancier destination than the neighborhood bar. Pairing a high-waisted skirt with a t-shirt dresses it down quite a bit. Add boots!


Whatever you wear, have a smile on your face, cheer your lungs out, and HAVE FUN!

Hunger Games-amania!

First of all, I know I suck for being absent again for so long. It’s a busy life I lead, people! Blogging is fun, but it also gets tiring, so please excuse my downgrade to one post a week-ish.

Secondly, so angry that Angel Taylor got the boot on “The Voice”! That Katrina girl was good, but she’s no Angel. Whatever, Adam Levine. Whatever.

However, my mind is too consumed right now to be too mad because “The Hunger Games” movie FINALLY comes out tomorrow night! Yes, I’m going to see it at midnight (12:02 to be exact). Got my tickets weeks ago. Nerd status, for sure. And couldn’t be happier about it!!

Since I won’t have time to post tomorrow with an event we have going on at work, I wanted to combine “New Music Thursday” with my excitement for the movie.

I don’t normally listen to soundtracks for movies unless they’re considered epic status, but I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a really long time, so I thought I’d check out The Hunger Games tunes on Spotify. Even though I’m kind of over Taylor Swift’s music (still adore her as a person), I really enjoyed her track with The Civil Wars. The soundtrack also includes other artists I like, including Maroon 5, The Decemberists and Arcade Fire.

Then, in the middle of the soundtrack, there’s Kid Cudi. I love Kid C, don’t get me wrong, but what is he doing there? It doesn’t really make sense to me, it’s not a very good song, and it doesn’t have his usual style. Just not digging it at all.

Don’t take my word for it, though! You can listen to the entire soundtrack on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.

For the most part, it’s really good and what I expected. Kind of a folk, slow overall tone, which, if you read the books, totally makes sense since Katniss is from what used to be Appalachia. It flows really well, and overall, does a really great job of adding to the storyline.

Add a little GREEN to your wardrobe

I learned to love St. Patrick’s Day in college. I mean, really, who didn’t? I remember my first St. Patrick’s Day when I was of legal age in the Bahamas. Luckily, Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day usually coincide in The Bluegrass State. What better way to celebrate??

Anyway, since then, I have realized that a great outfit for St. Patrick’s Day is equally important to all other holidays here in Kentucky – Derby, first Keeneland race, Christmas parties, UK football games. I mean, there will more than likely be photos taken, right? Last  year, I rocked a black and green dress. While it was super cute, it felt a little too dressy for the bar I went to. So, this year, I promised I would find a look that was appropriate for the holiday, stylish, yet simultaneously appropriate for wherever I end up – and share it with all of you, of course! Enter this gem of a video below.


Colored skinny jeans are so IN this spring, so I thought, what a better way to wear my green? When I searched for green skinny jeans, this fashionista, whose channel is called OOTD (outfit of the day) led me to a pot of gold; that is, the white shirt, green skinny jeans, leopard print combo that I NEED for Saturday. I love her hair, too!

I’ve ordered my skinny jeans, got my white blouse, and now all I need are some bold accessories and cute heels. What are you planning on wearing? If you still aren’t sure, here are some dos and donts so that you have the luck of the Irish while spotting your outfit 🙂


1. DO wear green. I know girls who are “too cool” to participate. News flash: you look silly in a bright pink dress if you’re out on St. Patrick’s Day.

2. DO wear comfortable, yet stylish shoes. If you want to wear those new stilletos, have a back up pair of ballet flats. Who knows when you will get the urge to start dancing?

3. DO find the perfect clutch for your outfit. You don’t want to be messing with a big purse all night!

4. DO dress appropriately the place you’re going. If you are hitting a trendy club, sure, you can get all dolled up. If you’re going to a pub, something like the outfit I’ve posted above will be perfect.

5. DO drink green beer, even if you don’t like beer. Just once!


1. DON’T overdo the green. Wearing green pants, shirt, shoes, nail polish, a button, beads, and a hat? You’re doing too much. It should be effortlessly added into your wardrobe.

2. DON’T wear any tacky t-shirts with sayings like “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”. Please.

3. DON’T rock overly green eyeshadow, either. Green is one thing – neon is another.

4. DON’T draw shamrocks on yourself at any point during the night. Yes, I’ve seen it happen.

5. DON’T get so wasted that you forget where you are. Just not a pretty look on anyone.

Most importantly, DO have fun and be safe!

Warm Weather Beauty Q&A

Well, I guess I should apologize for a) my last post being on February 22nd and b) the fact that I didn’t even post New Music Thursdays the past couple of weeks. Shame on me! Truthfully, it’s been a very eventful 2 weeks with a promotion for me (yay!) and a full scholarship for my boyfriend to go to grad school (double yay!). That doesn’t leave a lot of time for blog writing.

Thankfully, we all survived the tornadoes in Kentucky last Friday and the random snow storm on Monday. Now it’s Wednesday with a high of 70. As we Kentuckians say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes!”

Not only do I ADORE today’s forecast, but it gets me pumped for the upcoming spring/summer season. I’ve noticed a lot of questions on beauty and fashion forums lately, and thought I would address some of them. Bear with me – these are kind of random, but all equally important!

Q: When should I put away those winter boots?

A: It really depends on the kind of boots! Are they Uggs? They should have been put away a long time ago 🙂 Otherwise, if they are leather boots, you can really keep wearing them into the Spring months with skirts or dresses. I have two pair of leather boots that I wear constantly with skinny jeans, which I will probably stop doing some time this month. I will continue to wear my boots, especially the ones that are semi-cowboy looking. A dress with cowboy boots is a super popular combination in the summer months. So, the short answer is, whenever you feel comfortable!

Q: I hate going to the pool, lake or beach with tons of makeup on. Is there a solution for this?

A: Of course! I hate that too. The trick is to find a great tinted moisturizer. Laura Mercier makes one that is supposed to be the best on the market. It’s a little pricey though, so if this is out of your budget, try Jane’s tinted moisturizer. It works really well! It will even out your skin, but it feels just like lotion. The VERY important part is finding one that has SPF in it. Make sure you still use primer first! You don’t want it to come off while you’re lounging in the water. Also, if you want something on your lips with staying power, try a lip stain. I got one the CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain at a drugstore on a whim, and it actually works really well! Anything else you use, i.e. mascara or eye liner, just make sure it’s of the waterproof variety.

Q: The most unattractive look in the warm weather is when I’m pouring with sweat. Any tips for hot summer nights?

A: Just don’t go out?? HAHA, you all know I can’t be serious. If you’re going to be outside all night, a few things you will need to remember. Number one, this is your excuse to wear as little clothing as possible. I don’t condone skankiness, but a short, strapless dress or shorts and a tank are really your best bet! Secondly, even if you’re just bringing your clutch/wristlet with you, definitely pack your handy tinted moisturizer, powder, eyeliner and mascara for touch ups. You should also invest in some of those oil blotting sheets! They work for sweat, too. Don’t forget the mini deoderant! Lastly, wear your hair UP! I know, sounds crazy as most women in their 20s prefer letting their locks flow freely, but there are some super cute updos on Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to try them out!

Other questions? Let me know!

New York Fashion Week

I’ve been debating sharing with you all a recap of New York Fashion Week. On one hand, I mean, it is Fashion Week. On the other hand, I really don’t even want to think about the trends for Fall 2012 yet. At least not until I’ve had my summer fun.

Alas, here I am writing, mostly because unlike the forecasting for Spring 2012, there aren’t many huge revelations for this coming fall’s runway trends.

Disclaimer: Please don’t try to rock all these looks on the streets of Kentucky. You will look weird.

Florals, peter pan collars, metallics, and white after labor day continue to be popular trends for fall 2012, not changing much from what was seen on last year’s runway.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

There are some emerging trends this year, however, including shades of dark maroon and burgundy. Apparently, the world is saying for fall 2012 that “burgundy is the new black”.

Ralph Lauren

Enormous belts also adorned the runway last week. Check out the edgy, semi-Western looks below.

Herve Leger


Okay, so, can we talk about Spring/Summer now? A streetwear post to come!

Source: The Epoch Times

Bag Borrow or Steal

Ever wanted a designer handbag? (you: DUH) Ever wanted a designer purse but do not want to pay hundreds of dollars? (you: OBVIOUSLY!)

I have the solution! Bag Borrow or Steal lets you borrow, yes, BORROW, designer purses for anywhere from $10/week to $1600/week. There are a couple other websites out there like this, but none with as great of a selection as BBS.

So how does it work? Well, first you sign up to be a member. Then you spend a few minutes/hours browsing online for the guaranteed authentic handbag  you want and can afford. Many of them have waitlists, but don’t worry – if you have a membership, it won’t be long until you get the purse you want. Or you can browse by purses that are currently available so that it’s shipped immediately. After you’ve chosen the purse you’d like to borrow, you select your payment plan. You can borrow for a week, a month, or 3 months at a time. The longer you borrow, the cheaper the price. Your week or month begins when your item is delivered. When BBS ships you your purse, it will be clean and in good condition. And if it isn’t, you can send it back for a refund!

If you decide you want to keep your item, that may or may not be possible. BBS has a separate website called BBS Private Sale which sells designer bags for relatively cheap. Your item may be available on BBS Private Sale, but if it isn’t, you’ll just have to keep renting! It also may be possible to call customer service and try to talk them into selling you that item. If there’s not a waiting list, maybe they’ll consider it!

Now, let’s be realistic in that you’re not going to be able to borrow a Chanel or Louis Vuitton for $10/week. The $10/week items are usually Coach, Michael by Michael Kors, Furla, Tory Burch, Juicy Couture, and Kate Spade. However, if you want to treat yourself a little, you could borrow a Chanel, Valentino, Chloe or Gucci for around $70/week. Hermes bags as well as the vintage couture pieces are the ones that are going to cost hundreds – if not thousands – per week.

What’s even better is that BBS recently changed their policy so that 1. Membership is totally free 2. Shipping, both borrowing and returning, is free. 3. Insurance is included.

BBS also lets you borrow designer jewelry, sunglasses and other accessories for your special occasions.

How do I know all of this? Well, I’m a member of course! I received my first handbag yesterday. It’s a little springy, but I absolutely adore it. And at $12/week or $35/month, it’s something I can afford 🙂  So cute, right?!

New Music Thursday: Bon Iver

I had heard of Bon Iver prior to their win for Best New Artist at the Grammys, but hadn’t really taken the time to listen to their tunes until this week.

Even though they classify themselves as folk, it’s VERY different from the “folk” I’m into (i.e., The Avett Brothers). I’m not 100% I love it, but it’s growing on me. What do you think? Did they deserve the Grammy? I’m just glad it wasn’t Nicki Minaj after her crazy/terrifying performance or Lady Gaga with her bad sportsmanship!

Emeri Grace

In case you’ve forgotten when I spilled my guts out a couple weeks ago on family matters, I will remind you 🙂

My stepmom and Dad were expecting, and at 23 years old, I found this a bit odd, semi hilarious, and crazier than I had even expected. But, just as I predicted, when Emeri Grace was born on February 11, my heart melted into a pile of gush, even if it was 4:00 in the morning. I had  forgotten the tiniest toes and fingers could make you fall in love instantly.

So, here is a slideshow of some of the photos I took as well as the hospital’s of the newest addition to the Curella clan. I love you, Em!

P.S. I promise super personal posts won’t become a regular habit, but who doesn’t love looking at photos of a newborn!?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Semi) New Music Thursday: Angel Taylor

Okay, so first of all, I want to plug a new great blog I stumbled upon from Pinterest called Pretty, Preppy, Southern – 3 words that always catch my attention 🙂 For all you Keeneland-goers and J-Crew junkies, it’s a must-have on your fashion inspiration list. Unfortunately, there is no contact information or anything about the author, so I can’t get in touch with her to tell her how great it is.  But still, check it out here!

So, the artist of this week is not new to me, but is new to pretty much everyone else. Angel Taylor, a pop artist from LA, had a hit that was even played (sort of) regularly on the radio and VH1 called “Like You Do”. I was OBSESSED with this song my senior year of college, just ask my friend Bailey 🙂 She has toured with Gavin Degraw, another favorite o’ mine, and Adele. Who doesn’t love Adele?

But now, in an effort to boost her career, she is competing on the hit show “The Voice”. I don’t know how I missed this episode, especially because I love the show – oh yes, actually I do know. I was watching “The Bachelor”. Damn it, Ben. Oh well, it was probably a good thing because I would have alarmed the neighbors with  my incessant screaming/singing.

Anyway, I think it’s super cool that “The Voice” gives a chance to those who have been in the biz for a while, and needless to say, Angel is now my favorite Voice contestant. Check out “Like I Do” and her performance of Adele’s “Someone Like You” on “The Voice”. Oh yeah, and she picked Adam as her coach. Coincidence? I think not.

GO GIRL! I will be voting!